Some name days and festivals celebrated on Lesvos

The amazing enjoyment that takes part during the local festivals is one not to be missed. The traditional festivities still thrive on these occasions and they show the local's love of music, dancing and good humour, still present day.


Tuesday after Easter - Karyes - Agios Rafael Monastery
3rd Sunday after Easter - Mandamados - Taxiarches Monastery

02/6 - Kalloni / Agia Triada
A small horse racing event with alive band and lots     
of dancing.

16/6 - Agia Paraskevi / Agios Charalambos           
The biggest horse racing festival on the island. Lots of live bands, stalls, dancing and horse races.

06/7 - Molyvos harbour / Sailor's (Navy) day
Wherever the Navy ships are docke, there will be celebrations for the Navy's patron saint, with sailors dancing to live music.

26/7 - Lafionas
Paraskevi / as name day: live band in the village and lots of dancing and eating.

06/8 - Skala Kalloni / Sardine Festival
Free ouzo and sardines, a live band and traditional dancers in the pretty square.

15/8 - Petra & Agiassos - Panayias                         
Live bands are in both villages for this important
religious event. The cobbled streets are lined with
stalls, Greek flags and great atmosphere.

8/10 - Limonas Monastery - Agios Ignations
A small event in the surrounding area of the monastery, with stalls and music.

28/10 - Kalloni / Petra / Mytilini - "OXI" day         
Military parades are held on these main towns, displaying the army's strength and colour.



8/11 - Michael, Gabriel, Stratis and Angelo
Religious festivities at the Taxiarches churches in Mandamados.